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Anonymous: This isnt my story BUT one of my camp counselors told it to me about a girl in her cabin the summer before. Anyways this girl liked a boy at the camp and they had this romantic first kiss on the lake dock. Directly after the kiss (her first) he said "that was great but i just want to be friends. Maybe we can do this again though?". So the girl pushed him in the lake and screamed at him from shore that if he ever talked to her again, she would punch is dick with iron gloves on. 

I am her.

Anonymous: My first kiss was in 6th grade in my schools playground (and it was raining) he was a grade above me and I didnt even like him anyway it was wet n sloppy and awkaward and after we pulled away I slid down the slide and ran inside and left him there 

how could you ask for a more perfect first kiss

Anonymous: My first kiss was at the movies, at the end of Bee Movie omg. We bumped noses but we laughed it off. 

I’m jealous honestly

Anonymous: I just had my first kiss and I'm a little upset. I went on a first date with this guy I didn't know that well and when he dropped me off he kissed me in his car and I said we should hang out again and he said "if you're lucky" and now I'm sad 

ugh don’t even worry about it. that’s such a douchey thing to say, I would not recommend hanging out with him again. you’ll have plenty more opportunities to kiss boys!! don’t waste your time on him lol

Anonymous: my first kiss with my current boyfriend was on a cruise ship (where we met.) we were slow-dancing and he had told our friends that he would kiss me at the end of the song. however, one of our friends was piss drunk and stumbled over to us and bellowed "JUST KISS HER ALREAAAADYYY" so i turned back to him and we did and our friend went wild. the kiss itself was perfect (no weird tongue! no awkwardness of styles! no bumping noses! wow) its been months and my head is still spinning ^///^ 

awww that’s a good feeling

Anonymous: my first kiss was drunk(ish) at a party when i was 16. not romantic but it was a good decision, i 0% regret it. 

that’s good!!

Anonymous: I was so nervous about my first kiss that when the dude opened his lips, I just kinda shoved my tongue in his mouth in surprise out of protest. 

that’s incredible.

Anonymous: My first kiss was really awkward and sucked. In the middle of the night when i was starting to question my sexuality my best friend were upstairs in my room ad got curious so we kissed and it was really awkward. 

aw that’s lame I’m sorry

Anonymous: My first kiss was with my second boyfriend, we were at the state fair and he took me onto the Farris wheel and when we were at the top he kissed me and it was really romantic :) 

that’s so nice aww :) hella memorable too. that made me smile haha


Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.

Anonymous: i didnt see like a "tell me about your first kisses thing" but that would be fun to do if you want to hear them, i just saw like two anons about first kisses so i didnt know what was going on. 

yeah!! tell me about your first kisses, that’ll be cute

Anonymous: youre my favorite blog i love you 

omg thank you!!

Anonymous: chloe was my first kiss it was awesome 

oh my god what?!

Anonymous: (i was other anon) but same i actually got to see them live and i met chloe and may or may not have cried oops whats your fave song 

aw yeah I’ve seen them 3 times and I’ve met her every time :)) I love Cut It Out, Like a Stranger, and Kill The Light